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What We Do

Mentoring in New Dimensions

In the Mentoring in New Dimensions (MIND) Program youth receive one on one mentoring from MIND Barber Mentors, along with group counseling sessions with their peers and licensed therapists, all in the familiar setting of a local barbershop. The goals of the MIND program are to foster caring relationships, help young people identify and enhance personal strengths, help young people build confidence, and open new doors to opportunities for youth through establishing a circle of support with their peers and positive adult role models. 


Want to support this innovative program?

The MIND Program is an opportunity for organizations serving racially and economically diverse populations to experience what the MIND program has to offer as a complement to program models that uplift youth, families, and the community. The MIND program adopts strategies from the Center for Juvenile Services including providing effective prevention and early diversion strategies through contributing to the diversity of activities available to young people, matching youth with positive mentors, and enhancing cultural practices by providing a safe space for minority youth who may not feel comfortable in traditional mentorship programs.


Want to get involved? 

We are looking for experienced Barbers who would love to be trained as mentors and are committed to giving back to the community.

We are looking for licensed Therapists who are committed to supporting youth to reach their full potential.

And we are looking for families with young people who would thrive with the MIND Program in their life. 

Our Partners