The Mission

Our mission is to impact families and change lives by supporting youth to reach their full potential.

Visionary Youth is a unique program that provides free haircuts along with access to basic grooming and hygiene products, clothing, coats and personal care items for low-income youth. We strive to provide youth with basic needs to help them increase their self-esteem, be more prepared for school, be more comfortable in their social development, and be ready for success. In addition, Visionary Youth is about mentoring.

We are successful entrepreneurs that have found our way out of similar situations and we are here to help families and children find their way too. Our barbers are trained mentors, positive adult role models, and community champions that believe all youth have the potential for greatness; and our work is consistently focused on helping them achieve it.

Visionary Youth has provided over 9000 young people with free haircuts, backpacks, and personal hygiene items; along with informal mentoring in a barbershop environment. Visionary Youth has a presence in the Lincoln community that is built on cooperation and collaboration with several prominent Lincoln agencies. Partnerships have led to new ways to serve Lincoln's young people including providing toys for needy families through a partnership with Toys for Tots and the F Street Rec Center; expansion of the free haircut and backpacks program through partnership with the College of Hair Design and Scheel's; winter giveaways including free coats through a partnership with A Warmer Day; and more.

Visionary Youth is now building new community partnerships to implement the MIND (Mentoring in New Dimensions) program, including partnerships with Lincoln Public Schools Community Learning Center Lead Agencies Boys and Girls Club of Lincoln/Lancaster County and Family Service Lincoln.

Our Partners

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